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17 products to help you reach your swimming goals this spring from just £4.70


1) Hand Paddles

A set of these should be in every swimmers kit bag.
Increase your distance-per-stroke, refine your technique and feel your grip on the water develop.

With your paddles on and you are looking at increasing your upper body strength, effectively increasing your hand size, they offer resistance to the water.
In addition paddles allow you to refine your technique. A catch that is not clean will become all to obvious with hand paddles.
To avoid over stressing the shoulder, be sure to start with smaller sets, maybe of just 25, or 50 meters.

To see all our hand paddles - click here.

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2) Finger Paddles

The finger paddle is much smaller than the hand paddle. Often overlooked, finger paddles are great for increasing strength in the fingers and the forearm.
Used in conjunction with a pull buoy, why not drop a few sets like:

50m with paddles
50m with pull buoy and paddles
50m swim
Repeat 3 times, Try to keep rest between lengths to minimum, say 20 -30 seconds.

To see all our hand paddles - click here.

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3) Finis Tempo Trainers

Used to stabilise your stroke rate and lap times. This little fella is ideal for any aspiring distance swimmers. Use it for increasing your pace, or use it to bring your breaststroke phases under control. 


I use the Tempo Trainer for practising my racing stroke rate as well as pacing myself per lap. On lap pacing i set the Tempo Trainer to beep midway through the lap and at the end of each lap which makes it easier for me to keep the desired pace.
Jason Lezak, 8 time Olympic Medalist

4) Core Workout

Ok, we all read about hip rotation, and we all think we know what we should be doing, but putting such things into practice can be a challenge. Enter the Tech Toc from Finis. Worn around the hips, it gives audible and physical feedback to swimmers when their hips are rotating. 

In addition the Hydro Hips give resistance hip rotation, allowing you develop those crucial core muscles.

Videos for both these products are on the the product page...

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5) Pull

Another swimmers staple. Used on any stroke, a pull buoy is held between the legs allowing the arms to take the load. A little additional buoyancy is gained, allowing for a slightly raised body position.

Use the ankle strap to keep your legs held together, and combine with a pull buoy, or without if your feeling tough.

The nifty Arena pull kick is a pull buoy and kick board combined

6) Poolmate

If you are anything like me, counting laps is one of life's difficulties.
I always lose count somewhere between 600 and 800 meters, which is annoying, and to make things worse, I always over compensate, adding an extra 50 just in case. 

The Pool mate will count your laps

It does all sorts of other useful stuff like shows your splits, session totals, calories, all that jazz - but most importantly, it counts your laps!

The pro version connects to your pc, and the included software allows you to see your swim in pretty graph form.

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7) Kick

Last up, get a kickboard.

The ones at your pool always have bite marks on them, and that's enough to put anyone off.

Combine kick sets, pull sets and full swims to get a good variation into your session

Avoid breaststroke kick if your worried about your knees falling off.

The Speedo Elite pullkick also doubles up as a pull buoy. 

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