Swim-Eze Ear Drops 30ml

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Swim-Eze Ear Drops 30ml



  • Eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of:
  •       Trapped ear water, Feeling of pressure in the ears, Temporary impairment of hearing, Painful ear discomfort.
  • Works within seconds.
  • Powerful surface tension releasing action.
  • Evaporates trapped ear water leaving the ear clean, water free and dry.
  • Dramatically reduces risk of painful ear infections by removing any trace of water and bacteria.
  • Recommended for use after swimming, diving, bathing and water sports.
  • Combats trapped ear water when the problem occurs rather than having to use a preventative measure.
  • Non-Medicated
  • 30ml volume.

How to Use

  • Apply 4 – 5 drops in each affected ear
  • Swim Eze is safe and is suited for all swimming and water activities including scuba diving.
  • Swim eze is very effective in preventing ear infections caused by trapped water in the ears. It also helps divers with equalising issues.
  • Ideal for home or travelling.
  • Please read the directions for use carefully before using Swim eze

When does this occur?
At any time when water enters the ear canal, particularly when partaking in:

  • Watersport Activities
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • ......and more

Even when just bathing, showering or washing one's hair.

Additional information
Do not use if you have:
An ear infection
Ear drainage or discharge
Pain, irritation, or rash in ear
Had ear surgery

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