U.S. Divers Hingeflex II Fins Black

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U.S. Divers Hingeflex II Fins Black

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U.S. Divers Hingeflex II Fins feature a unique Pivot action (Pivot-Flex Technology), that aids the swimmer giving more power with less effort.


  • Hinged fin blade provides easier kicking
  • Soft foot pocket provides ultimate comfort for your feet
  • Pivot-Flex technology helps eliminate strain on the toes while maximizing power and efficiency
  • Easy-Adjust Comfo-Strap provides a secure fit and maximum comfort
Sizing Information:
S/M = 4 - 8.5 UK (37 - 42 Euro)
L/XL = 9 - 10.5 UK (43 - 45 Euro)

Pivot-Flex Technology: Pivot-Flex Technology is the result of many years of snorkeling and diving experience. The Pivot-Flex fin design provides the ultimate in function and comfort to ensure that your snorkeling adventures are as fun and comfortable as possible.

The cutting edge in fin design, Pivot Flex fins provide maximum kicking power with minimum physical effort. The patented Pivot-Flex technology allow the fin foot pocket and fin blade to operate independently of each other, taking the strain off the toes and ankle and resulting in a dramatic improvement in comfort.

The Pivot Flex blade opens up from the foot pocket during the down kick allowing water that is normally pushed down, through the blade, greatly improving efficiency by reducing wasted energy. The pivot points transfer the power output from the toes to the reinforced side rails and the heel of the foot pocket, providing a much more efficient and comfortable kick. You can now power the fin using your entire foot and leg rather than just your toes. This is similar to difference between stressing your fingers to work a wrench vs. using the palm of your hand.

The bottom line is that the Pivot-flex technology provides a powerful and efficient kick with less energy and strain, virtually eliminating foot and leg cramps commonly associated with traditional fins.

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