SWANS Optical FO-2-OP

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Regular Price: £39.98

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SWANS Optical FO-2-OP

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Prescription goggles gives you a good sense of distance for touch and turns and gives a clear view of what used to be blurred.

When you wear contact lenses in the water salt and chlorine can damage them or wash them away. Bacteria can get in between the contact lens and your eye causing infection. For these reasons we recommend you use prescription goggles.

  • Silicone gasket and strap
  • Polycarbonate lens (UV protection)
  • Anti-fog
  • Replacement nose straps (small, medium or large)
  • Lens colour:  smoke lens 
  • Dioptric range  -1.5 to -8.0

How to work out your prescription

You will need your prescription and the formula below to work out the required dioptre and match each eye to the prescriptions offered for your chosen goggles.

Swans Prescription Goggle Guide

The only numbers you need are the Sph (sphere) and Cyl (cylinder) values for each eye. Use the following formula to calculate the dioptre required:

Dioptre = Sph + (Cyl / 2)

Using the prescription example above:
Right eye = -2.0 + (-1.0 / 2) = -2.5
Left eye = -2.5 + (-2.0 / 2) = -3.5

If your dioptre falls between two of the options on offer, always move down to the next available dioptre. For example, if your prescription is -3.75 then move down to -3.5.

Does it matter if I have an astigmatism?

No. The above calculation will allow for your astigmatism and you will be ablse to see clearly in the water! However if your astigmatism is over 2.00 (as indicated by the cylinder value) - you may need to consider a custom made product.

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