Delphin Swim Discs

We often get asked about the differences between the common types of armbands, so we thought it best to write a few words. There are 2 types of armband Inflatable armbands which cost about £7.00 and Swim Discs which cost about £3.70 each

You need 3 swim discs on each arm to get the equivalent buoyancy of 1 inflatable armband, so the cost of 6 swim discs is about £22.20

There is obviously a massive price difference here, the advantage the swim discs have over the inflatable armband is that the discs can be removed as the child's swimming technique improves, whereas you can't let air out of the armband because it will fall off the arm.

The system of removing the discs as the child progresses works well and it
is a great reward system. The discs can also be added back on if the child gets tired. When they are in a play environment such as on holiday or at the pool on the weekend more buoyancy is needed. This is because they will be in the water longer than a 30 min swimming lesson and you want to keep them confident and enjoying swimming.

Inflatable Armbands

Some common questions answered

Are different colour discs different weights?
No they are all the same. Also they are not weights, they will keep your
child afloat, not sink them to the bottom!!

Is (1) one disc or one pair?
in our shop 1 is 1 disc, you can generally tell by the price of the product as to whether they are being sold singularly or in a pair.

Do they lock together?

Do I need to buy all 6?
No this is the advantage of them being sold singularly, you should take  advise from your child's swimming teacher on how many they need.

Do they come in adult sizes?
Yes, the adult swimming discs are orange and have larger arm holes.