We all know the health benefits of swimming, its a great way to get in shape - but in can be a daunting experiece, especially if you have not dipped your toes for a while. So here are top tips for a more  enjoyable swim:

1. Checkout your local pools before you don your cossie. They will  not only vary in price, but in much more. Check out the length and width, will  a shorter, or longer pool be better for your needs. Many pools also  publish their temperatures, 31 is about normal. Anything colder can  feel chilly, and you sooon get cold during those rest periods. Eqaully  some pools are kept roasting hot, which can be uncomfortable when you  are trying to work hard. You can find your local pool here

2. Check the timetable. Try to avoid busy times like the weekend and friday nights. Many pools will have lane sessions, or even better,  adults only sessions. Seek these out for an all round less-stressfull  swim. Early morning sessions can be a mixed blessing. While they will  be quieter in general, people making the effort to swim before work  will be quite keen, fast and splashy,which can be off-putting.

3. Book  a class. There are numerous pool based fitness classes at  most pools. Aquafit, and the ever popular aqua-zumba are common in  many pools. Lower impact and less stress on the joints make these  activities ideal for regaining your fitness.

4. Consider a few lessons. Adult lessons, either one-to-one or as part  of a group are offered at most pools. Just a few lessons, under the  guidance of good teacher can be all you need to regain your water  confidence.

5. Get a good fitting swimming costume. Styles and cuts vary, and somewill be more comfortbable than others. Talk to your local swimwear shop, and try on as many as possible. Avoid the 7.99 Asda costume,  they will fall apart after a few wears. Costumes are sized in bust inches, and you may need to go up a size to accommodate body length. Swimwear at SOS is broken down by size, so you can find exactly what you are looking for, click here to see out range of womens swimwear

6. Relax, and enjoy it. Swimming is a fun actvity. Nothing better than  a good natter between lengths.