Swimwear Buyers Guides

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Swimwear is sized in inches, for men it is waist size and for ladies it is bust size. All swimwear must be tight, and well fitted. We don't recomment buying swimwear for children on the basis they will grow into it . Baggy, poor fitting swimwear will sag and cause drag in the water which will make it harder to swim in.

Mens Styles

Mens swimwear generally comes in 3 styles; brief, aquashort or jammer. Baggy watershorts are not good for swimming in. Once wet they can become heavy, and the drag caused by them can be significant. Jammers are a suitable alternative to watershorts.

Ladies Styles

Ladies swimwear comes in many more different styles.Things to consider when choosing a costume are:

  • The size of the hole in the back of the garment
  • Leg height
  • Bust support (sometimes refered to as a shelf)
  • Tummy control
  • Adjustable straps
  • Thin straps

Ladies Swimwear - style of back