Swimwear comes not only in different styles, but the materials used vary too. Too help ensure you choose what is right for you, we have put together some pointers. Basically, there are two main different types for material that swimwear is composed from

Lycra - Cheap swimwear that can be found in supermarkets and fashion outlets are usualy made from Lycra. The material can support bright colours and has a 4 way stretch, it can also be produced cheaply. On the downside the chlorine, used in swimming pools, starts eating away at it straight away.  This results in the swimwear becoming baggy and see through. Not a good look!

Lycra usually will last about 10 pool hours in a normal swimming pool.
in comparisom, Lycra swimwear made by reputable manufactures such as Speedo, Maru, Arena, TYR or Aqua Sphere is made from a higher grade lycra and lasts about 30 pool hours. A lot of children's swimwear is made from this high quality lycra as children are more likely to grow out of the costume before it goes see through. The other advantage lycra has, is the way it moulds to the shape of the body giving a more contored fit. Performance swimwear is also made from this high grade Lycra for this reason.
Chlorine resistant fabric does not contain Lyrca which is described as elastane on the label. Speedo say that it will last 40 times longer than Lycra. This facbric does not hold bright colours as well as Lycra although there has recently been improvemets in this.
Different brands have different names for their chlorine resistant material:

  • Speedo - Endurance
  • Maru  - Pacer
  • Arena  - Waterniny
  • TYR - Durafast
  • Aqua Sphere - Aqua Infinity

 Despite the limited color pallet, there are some obvious advantages to the Chlorine resistant fabric, and some less obvious one too:

  • Chlorine resistant fabric - no fabric degradation
  • 20 times more colour resistant than conventional elastane swimwear
  • Improved fit and comfort with a softer feel and superior shape retention
  • Lower level of moisture absorption - quick drying
  • Improved snagging resistance

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