Speedo Aquabeat 2 - Whats in the box

Waterproof MP3 players range dramatically, from £20.00 to £200, here we have the Speedo Aquabeat 2, which brings some neat updates from the original aquabeat.

So, whats in the box?

1 x Aquabeat2 MP3 player
1x waterproof headphones
1x  headphone extension
1x pack of various earprieces
1x user manual


First Impressions

At first glance the Speedo Aquabeat is a neat little unit, designed specifically for use in, on and around water. After pouding the pool for hours on end, I couldnt wait to get my hands one on these.
Available in three colours, black, pink and yellow. Lucky me, i go the pink the try out.

The speedo Aquabeat 2

The details

The Buttons Play/pause volume up and volume down buttons are big enough to find when the unit is strapped to the side of your head, and the forward / back buttons are even bigger.

With 4Gb of space, you are looking at around a thousand songs, roughly speaking of-course, and speedo are stating a 20hour battery life, which I didnt test. Frankly these two specs are thats more than enough, my swim sessions range between 60 and 90 minutes, so it really is ample.

The new screen, although not the best i have seen, is a great addition, and takes the guess work out of browsing your motivational playlist.

Finally the earphones, are of reasonable quality, and the round-ear design seems to work well keeping the earpiece firmly in place. Infact they do a better job of securing to my ears than my panasonic running headphones do.

Available in Black or Pinl , and is available from SOS Swim now.

The Speedo Aquabeat 2 controlsThe speedo Aquabeat 2 earphones